A Complete Ban of TikTok in the US is a Real Probability

Look Out TikTok, Instagram Reels is Coming

A little healthy competition hurts no one.

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Good-Bye TikTok – Hello Instagram Reels

With the future of TikTok up for debate in the United States, it only makes sense that members have the option to move to another platform that supports their creativity and viewpoints. Facebook responded by announcing its decision to introduce Instagram Reels to the public in August. The TikTok clone will be offered in the US as well as fifty additional countries. As legislators determine the fate of TikTokers due to the perceived security threat the platform poses, many creators seek a place to post that is less dramatic.

ByteDance, the Chinese company behind TikTok, may not be around for long if the United States has anything to do with the matter. Why would a seemingly innocent platform be of concern to various branches of the military and governing bodies? That’s a great question better answered in the section below.

Why the Big Stink About TikTok?

Anyone that has spent time watching unique content on the platform knows that what is being shared ranges from heartwarming and inspirational to downright strange and questionable. Since its debut in 2018, TikTok has amassed 65-80 million active users. It’s especially popular among the younger generation whose lives have been shaped by technology since birth.

The platform has had great success in predicting consumer behavior, but how it collects and shares user data has been under fire by US agencies, all branches of the military, and the government. Bans on the app are already present in many locations throughout the nation due to the questionable collection methods. Plus, many advocacy groups have spoken out against it because of the company’s lack of control over pro-bullying and racist content.

Seeing an opportunity that presented itself, Facebook jumped on the bandwagon by making the Reels feature a part of Instagram as opposed to a separate app. US users will soon see the icon for the option when on the platform and looking at their feed. From there, they can create and edit content and watch what others have posted.

How Does Instagram Reels Work?

Short video clips ranging in length from one to 15 seconds is what TikTok is known for by fans of the platform. Instagram Reels provides the same brief format. Furthermore, it allows users to include a range of extras to their videos, including their audio and video or licensed cataloged music for reference.

Also, users can take audio from other clips to create inspired-by videos. The top selections based on popularity will have a special place of their own in the “Featured Reels” section of the website and app. Instagram Reels has a presence in Brazil, France, Germany, and India. Read More Here.

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