7 Tips On How To Write Killer Product Descriptions That Sell In 2020-21

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Learn How to Construct Compelling Promotional Product Presentment With These Easy and Effective Strategies!


Imagine finding out that you can increase your sales and help your business grow by implementing one simple marketing strategy. It’s true! You can easily enhance your sales numbers and foster expedited growth just by writing dynamic product descriptions for your eCommerce store.


Around 90% of eCommerce consumers base their online purchasing decisions primarily on the written information available to them. This means that the way you describe the products you’re selling will have an enormous impact on whether or not a customer will buy from your online store.


Below, we will explain why this is, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. In this article, we’ve broken down the process into 7 simple steps that you can take toward improving any product information and descriptive content you create. Let’s begin!


Why Do High-Quality Product Descriptions Matter So Much?


Studies show that the impact of product descriptions and written content is truly significant for online retailers. This significance has been increasing each year, meaning that in 2020, your product information and page content should be top-notch.


What you’ve got to understand is that in 2020, the primary job of a product description isn’t just to describe a product. This may seem backward, but a good product description will also serve as a lasting written sales pitch. Once you wrap your head around this, the content creation process starts to flow more easily.


  • Product Descriptions are More Than Just Item Specifications

This doesn’t mean that you’ll leave out the physical description of a product’s properties, it’s just that the actual description of a product (its size, weight, color, and other specifics) should be listed in a separate “item details” section.


  • Product Descriptions offer Marketing Opportunities

When you describe a product, you aren’t just talking about what it is or what it does. Online customers most likely already know what a product is and what it’s intended for. Your goal should be to persuade potential customers into seeing the uniquely qualifying aspects of each product you sell.


  • Written Content Helps You Communicate and Establish Rapport

In a physical retail location, retailers can make a targeted sales pitch to each patron that frequents their shop. However, in the realm of eCommerce, you can’t simply pitch your products to each person browsing your page individually. Instead, you have to write a truly compelling description that stands in place of a sales pitch. Not only this, but you have to make that description appeal to your specific demographic. If you do this correctly, you’ll establish a kind of rapport with your shoppers even though you’ve never met them.


  • You Can Connect With Your Buyer and Make and Impact

What’s great about this, is that your customers can read and reread an item description as many times as they like. You have the opportunity to explain why your products are great in a manner that will make a lasting impact on your target audience!


Product Descriptions Allow You to Make a Lasting Impact on Your Clients

While it’s important to describe what you’re selling, it’s equally important to explain why what you have is so much better than everything else out there for your specific demographic. Learn to use product descriptions to steer buyers toward a sale and make a lasting impression for your brand!

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How to Create Compelling Descriptions That Translate Well for 2020-2021


Now that you understand why it’s so important to use your product descriptions as an opportunity for marketing, we will get into how exactly to accomplish this.


For 2020-2021, customers are familiar with various online sales tactics. To put it bluntly, today’s consumer can pick up on fallacy a mile away. Online shoppers are smart and are looking for specific information as they browse through the products offered by retailers online. They want something specifically for their unique needs. After all, that’s one of the key advantages of online shopping.


As you create content for your eCommerce store, you’re going to want to provide your customers with the targeted information they’re looking for in a way that communicates what your brand represents.


Your main goal is to help shoppers see why what you’re selling is an awesome option for them and why buying from your store is wise.


Online shoppers have hundreds of other options available at their fingertips. You’ve got to differentiate yourself from the competition with compelling product descriptions. The following 7 strategies can help you accomplish this easily!


1. Know Your Demographic and Be Aware of Their Needs.


Your top priority isn’t to talk up each item like an “As Seen on TV” advertisement. While it’s important to make a sales pitch, it’s even more important to connect with your demographic. Your demographic is not “everyone.” If you try to please everyone, you’ll wind up chasing away most. First and foremost, you need to identify exactly who you are selling to and what they truly want.


To figure this out, simply ask yourself these questions:


  • What difficulties can your product solve?
  • Who benefits most from what you’re selling?
  • What needs does this item meet?
  • What will prospect customers potentially dislike about a product?
  • Why is your brand better than the competition?
  • What phrases are commonly used to talk about a product?


You can use these simple questions to form a personified understanding of buyers. Your goal is to figure out the information your buyers want and then translate that information in a way that will hit home.


2. Assume a Definitive and Exactified Voice That Fits Your Brand Identity.


Once you start writing for a targeted demographic, it can be tempting to switch up the voice you use for each product. This is a mistake. You want to target each demographic for a product without sacrificing the identity of your brand. So, the next thing you’ll need to learn as you’re creating witting product descriptions is how to personify your brand.


Ask yourself questions like:


  • What tone would a highly-skilled salesperson use if they could speak through my eCommerce store?
  • What is the personality of my company?
  • Is my brand serious? Relaxed? Funny? Snarky?
  • What does my company offer that the competition doesn’t have?
  • What are the values of my company?


Answer these questions, create a brand “personality” and stick to it as you write each product description. This will allow you to establish a kind of online rapport with clients. Remember, your creativity and unique qualities are what will make you stand out to potential buyers.


3. Provide a Comprehensive Explanation of How Product Features Solve Problems.


Now that you know “who you are” online and “who you’re talking to in your store”, you can start to focus on making each item special.


Describe how each product is unique, how it can help solve problems for your customers, and what features make it special. This is where you make your sales pitch.


4. Focus Efficiency, Value, and Compelling Components.


As you create content, you’ll want to explain why each product is:

  • Good value for the money
  • An efficient option
  • A compelling choice compared to other similar options

and any other pertinent information.


5. Describe Merchandise as If You’re Selling It Yourself to a Real Live Individual


As you communicate through your product descriptions, it can be helpful to use a conversational tone as if your products are right in front of you. Ergo, “Check out the stitching of this bag, its rugged look speaks to its durability and stylish charm.”


6. Edit and Finalize Each Description to Avoid Errors or Redundant “Sales” Language


Once you’ve written a few product descriptions, edit them down and take out any redundant speech or “Sales” language. You don’t want to lose the attention of your customers. You want to be clear and to the point without sacrificing information or character in your writing. You also don’t want to sound desperate like you’re pandering to buyers. Write with confidence, honesty, refinement, and concise direction.


7. Create a Template to Reference in the Future


Once you’ve got the ball rolling, you may want to create a template for future product descriptions. You can use this template to efficiently streamline your writing in the future and add consistency to the product descriptions of all eCommerce pages.

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Get Started Writing Descriptions That Will Make Sales For You


So there you have it. Now you know why content description and communicative writing play such a large role in sales and marketing online. Your product descriptions allow you to communicate with shoppers clearly and effectively. You can use descriptive content to differentiate your products from the competition while simultaneously marketing your brand and eCommerce business!

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