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Google News Tab Traffic Update In Search Console

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Did you know that you can now filter and analyze your traffic in Google News Tab in Search Console? Below, we’ll go over why this is important and how it can help you improve your search exposure.

Those working to optimize SEO, webmasters, site owners, and developers now have even more tools in their arsenal to help improve their search exposure and SERP ranking. This is another great way that you can look at your data in Google Search Console. Starting June 30th, 2020 you’ll be able to see how your News traffic is doing in Google Search. That way going forward, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of everything Google News Tab in Search Console has to offer.


Filter and Analyze Google News Tab Traffic

Since the Google Console update, you can now easily analyze and filter any traffic that you’re getting from the News tab. This new filter allows website owners to more easily isolate traffic and impressions that have been generated from the News tab.

Similar to other search geared filters, this new Search Console filter is accessible from your site’s performance report. You’ll be able to see all of your Google traffic data here. Within the performance report, your traffic data can be filtered in various ways. “Search Type” is a reference to the different tabs that will show up beneath the search bar. Keep in mind that Search Console doesn’t always support all search types. However, Google says they will gradually be improving this over time.

Since News has now been added, you can access many search types in your performance report. This will include web, image, video, and news search types. Google has stated that the ability to filter and analyze News tab traffic and data has been requested by many webmasters. Up until recently, there’s been no way to analyze, isolate, and compare traffic that comes from the news tab.


What Can You Do With This Data?

You’ll be able to use this news tab filter to help you analyze data in-depth and drive even more smart traffic to your site. It’s possible to see this data alone or make a comparison with other sets of data.

Since grouping by data in multiple search types is not supported, you won’t be able to compare combined data from web and news results. This is because the results page layouts are different for each search type.

Keep in mind that URLs will sometimes appear in web and news results. However, the click, impression, and position data for these URLs will be recorded separately. They can be accessed for both web and news searches. In addition to clicks received, Search Console performance reports will show you:

  • Impressions

This is how frequently the site shows up in search results

  • Click Rate Percentages

The percentage of impressions that lead to clicks.

  • Average Positions

This is an average position in search results.

  • Rich Results and Special Features

This includes any special features associated with a site’s search results, like rich results.


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Use Even More Filters to Break Data Down

Then, you can use even more filters to further break down this data and information. If you’d like to add a filter, simply click on the +NEW label. It will be on the same page, located next to the existing type and date filters.

Now, you’ll be able to choose from the following filter types:

  • Devices
  • Search Type
  • Search Appearance
  • Dates
  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries

If you’re planning to filter data by date, you should be aware that only complete days of information will be included. For example, if you choose “last 7 days,” the most recent seven fully completed days of data will be recovered. If you’ve got, say, half of a day of data for one day, the seven-day span will encompass yesterday, plus the six subsequent days.

Enjoy the New Google News Tab Upgrade! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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