10 Proven Ways Guest Posting Can Help Your Business Grow

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An In-Depth Look at Guest Posting Can Help You Dominate Your Industry

Guest Posting has become an essential online marketing tool for thousands of businesses. Furthermore, it’s an integral part of today’s ever-advancing digital world. Bloggers and website owners all over the world participate in guest posting. In fact, millions of new blog posts pop up daily! 

But why? What do businesses stand to gain from guest posting? How can guest blogs help your business grow? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this comprehensive guide. Let’s dive in! 

What is guest posting, anyway?


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First, let’s go over exactly what guest posting is. Simply put, guest posting is a form of blogging. A blogger from one website engages with another blog and posts there. The website where the blogger submits their posts will be separate from the blogger’s main business page or “home blog.” 

The point of this is to help both bloggers generate intelligently driven online traffic for their businesses. Guest posts involve two businesses working together in their shared industry to drive online traffic. Through backlinking and blog posting, both businesses benefit. This is especially true if their industry is incredibly competitive. 

Nowadays, guest posting is also known as guest blogging. Essentially, this is a kind of online writing that involves content being published on a specific topic to drive and increase smart online traffic. It’s usually a beneficial tool for both the blogger and the website that the written content is being posted on. 

• When Done Right, Guest Posting Can Have A Big Impact on a Business’s Digital Marketing

Certain recurring factors can be observed in successful guest blogs. Things like smart driven traffic, backlinking, improved audience participation, and high ranking SERP positions, to name a few. However, not every guest post is a hit. Certain common denominators can be seen in guest posters who thrive. 

The thing is, bloggers can’t just hop online and post anywhere. If you expect to create a thriving audience and obtain lots of driven traffic, there are a few things you’ll need to know. We have taken the time to address this at the bottom of the article. 

With this in mind, when done properly, guest posting can offer bloggers numerous benefits. First, we will go over these benefits, so that you can decide if guest posts are something that you should look into. 

• Drive Traffic, Improve Backlinks, Communicate With Your Audience, and More

Many bloggers benefit from guest posts that use backlinks. This is a process that involves publishing on other websites. Then, the blogger lets other bloggers post on their main website. This helps to improve website traffic and drive readers to both locations. But that’s not all! 

Below, we’ll go over 10 ways that guest posting can be used to help your business grow. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into guest posting & blogging. This way, you’ll know exactly what to shoot for if you decide to start guest blogging for your business. 


Top 10 Ways That Guest Posting Helps Your Business Grow


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Without further ado, here are the top 10 ways that guest blogging and posting can help your business achieve substantial growth! 

1. Posting Improves Your SERP, SEO, and Domain Authority

Guest posts are an amazing way to help your websites rank higher online. It can be used to add online authority and ensures that your business can be found in more locations online. Indeed, guest posting counts toward improving your overall domain rank. 

When you create unique guest posts, you will be able to integrate the keywords that help you rank better on SERPs and improve your SEO. In addition to this, having an original domain name is one of the best possible ways to let visitors know your website and business is legitimate. 

An endless number of domain names and web domains exist on the internet. Each one is fighting for authority on search engines. When you guest blog, you are helping yourself get better positioned on Google’s list of favorite websites. This is because your links and domain are showing up in more places. 

With that in mind, only submit posts where it counts. This means submitting your guest blog posts to high-ranking websites that are already on Google’s radar, so to speak. This way, you’ll be directing your energy in places where it’ll have a greater SEO impact. 


2. This is A Great Backlinking Opportunity 

Link building and backlinking can help to improve your SEO and get smart traffic sent to your website. When you are working together with other bloggers, you will automatically be helping to improve your website traffic. 

This is because as you post to another blogger’s website, you are automatically driving traffic in two directions. Alternatively, when another blogger submits a post to your site, traffic is driven to you from their pages. It’s like turning an old dirt road into a freeway, doubling the chances that online users will visit both of your pages. 

On top of this, backlinks are one of the most important criteria used by Google’s algorithms. When a website features high-quality backlinks, it will automatically rank higher on Google’s SERPs.

There are some ways that you can ensure that your guest posts will be considered legitimate and of good quality to Google’s search engine algorithms. For one, be sure to submit your guest posts only to websites that are already ranking well on Google’s SERPs. These will usually be websites that have been around a while. 

3. Guest Posting Can Boost Brand Recognition and Gain Exposure

Additionally, guest posting improves brand recognition. One of the main reasons that people decide guest blogging is a smart idea is to improve their brand. Indeed, brand awareness can go a long way toward sales, website traffic, and much more. 

The more visitors you get to your site, the more potential customers you will have access to. This can lead to conversions and smart driven traffic. That being said, posting on a website that gets a ton of visitors each day doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get thousands of hits on your site in a day. However, it does mean that you’ll get more hits. 

If even a fraction of the visitors to a website read your blog posts, you’re automatically spreading some amount of brand awareness. Therefore, the more guest posting that you do, the more brand recognition you’re spreading. 

4. It Helps to Increase a Business’s Presence on Social Media

Guest posting can also help to improve your social media presence. Many guest bloggers use their posts specifically to increase social media interaction. Twitter is well known for its guest blog tags. Adding a link to a post on a website to your preferred social media pages is smart. 

Also, rich, organic content helps social media pages thrive as well. However, setting up a Twitter or Facebook account is not enough to help your business. For your business to do well on these kinds of websites, it must engage users. 

Blog posts are a great way to keep your social media pages thriving. They allow you to constantly add content without flooding out the products or services you’re trying to promote. Remember to make use of proper @ tags and hashtags so that you can drive even more traffic. 

5. Guest Posting Gives Businesses a Better Name and Helps Build Websites

When you create great guest posts, you are helping show that your business is active and reliable. You have the chance to talk about topics relating to your brand and generate content that your audience is interested in. This shows that your business is on top of their game. 

In addition to this, you can start building your brand by association. Your online audience will see that your posts are available on websites that they already visit and trust. Thus, they will associate your business with the quality level of the website you’re posting to. 

Once again, keep in mind that this can backfire. If your business is posting on low-quality or spammy websites, it may be considered low-quality by association. So, only post to quality websites with domain authority and well-established online recognition. 

6. It Improves Self Awareness and Brand Knowledge for Businesses

Guest posting is a great way to find out exactly how your audience sees your brand, services, products, and website. You’ll be able to get feedback in various ways. From sharing to commenting, you can find out if your audience is interested in what you have to say. 

If you aren’t getting great feedback, you can start tailoring your guest post content. Or, perhaps your feedback on your website isn’t ideal. This is a chance to improve your main pages and adjust to what your consumers are looking for. 

Either way, this kind of real-user feedback can be beneficial. This is your chance to find out what your audience thinks. Then, you can tailor your products, content, and posts accordingly. 

7. Guest Posting Drives Smart Online Traffic

While we’ve pointed out that guest posting can improve SEO and SERP to drive traffic, they drive traffic in other ways as well. For example, your guest posts can help you generate more traffic simply because they contain quality content. 

Guest posts inherently increase online traffic, period. When people see links and associate them with content they like, they tend to click those links. It’s that simple. 

For every quality post that you create, you have the chance to send users to your website by simply offering your services through hyperlinking and backlinking. When a user reads and likes what you have to say, they may decide that your website is worth looking into. 

8. Guest Posting Can Help Business Grow and Maintain Relationships with Affiliates

Another great thing about guest posting is that it helps your business build relationships with other businesses. As they say, it’s not only what you know, but who you know. 

Therefore, the more that you guest post, and allow other reputable bloggers to post to your website, the more relationships you’ll establish. This can be a great way to get to know others in your niche or industry. 

Your guest posts will show your affiliates and your audience that they can come to your website for creative and high-quality content. This plus the rapport you establish with other individuals in your industry can help you establish sustainable growth over time. 

9. It’s a Great Way to Stay Current and Get to Know Your Customers

Apart from simply getting feedback, guest posts allow you to see what else your customers and audience are interested in. As you research topics to cover in your posts, you are also learning what people are interested in. 

Every time you create an updated blog post, you have a chance to check in on your audience. You can see what they are asking and offer them answers straight from the horse’s mouth. This is a hands-on way to make sure that your business isn’t growing stagnant. 

10. It Allows You to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

For guest bloggers who are mainly trying to promote their products or services, there are certain opportunities offered by submitting guest posts to other websites that can’t be replicated in any other way. 

The thing is, when you are operating an eCommerce business, you’re working within an invisible sales cycle. This is a product purchase and use cycle that can only repeat a certain number of times a year at a certain speed. This will vary, depending on what products or services you offer. If you’ve been in business a while, you likely already understand how this cycle works. 

When you add posts to only one singular home blog, you are limiting yourself and stifling your sales cycle. This is because you’re limiting potential growth and expansion by only reaching one main audience. 

However, when you post in multiple places, you are getting access to a greater audience. This means access to various sales cycles as well. Thus, you can speed up the sales and growth of your business. 

How to Ensure That Posts Will Thrive – A Few Quick Tips


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For your guest posts to thrive, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure success. Here are some quick tips to help you out as you start guest blogging. 

  • Make a Game Plan Before You Begin Guest Posting

Before you start guest posting everywhere, it’s a good idea to make a game plan first. You want to know who you’re trying to engage, what you have to offer, and where to post. Setting achievable goals and doing market research is smart. Investing your energy in the right places beforehand can save you time and energy later on. 

  • Know Where to Find the Best Guest Posting Opportunities

It’s also a good idea to know where to post. Not everyone accepts guest bloggers or posters. You can search SEO keywords like “guest posting here” or “add your guest blog comments” followed by keywords from your industry. Searching these phrases on Google can lead you to some great posting opportunities. 

  • Build Relationships With Other Bloggers and Businesses

Many blog owners will not let just anyone come in and start adding content to their site. This means to post on some blogs, you’ll have to establish a relationship with the blog owner. This can be a difficult process at first, but once you have the know-how, you will be able to build affiliate relationships easily. 

  • Be Aware of What Is Trending

Make sure to blog about topics that are on target with what your audience is currently interested in. This is not to say that you should chase whatever the topic of the day is. However, knowing what topics are often searched or are currently generating a lot of interest in an online community is smart. 

  • Engage Your Audience

Make sure to connect with your audience. You can do this by using terminology that they are familiar with, by being aware of how an online community works, or by simply creating highly engaging written content. Remember, to engage with your audience, you have to know your audience. 

  • Stay Consistent and Be Patient

It can take a while to establish yourself as a guest poster. Bloggers who stay consistent and keep working to improve their audience’s response tend to eventually thrive. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Be patient, and don’t give up if your first ever post isn’t a smash hit. 

Wrapping It All Up

Well, there you go! Those are the top 10 reasons on how guest posting can help your business grow. Mainly, you will improve your online traffic and keep your business up to date and current in the digital realm.

However, if you want to improve your SEO and SERP rank, backlinking and guest posting can be extremely helpful as well. 

Essentially, any business can start guest blogging. It’s a simple matter of establishing relationships with other websites and generating high-quality content. We hope that this guide has given you some insight into why guest posts are so useful in the eCommerce world. 

Finally, there’s no better time than now to start guest posting! In fact, ever since the arrival of COVID-19, online sales have skyrocketed. So without a doubt, the time is now! CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER MORE.


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